"Villages agricoles"

The "Village Agricole", the space dedicated to the farmers

A real forum for exchanges and meetings with stakeholders in the sector, the Agricultural Village provides advice and support on all the topics related to agricultural methanisation: technical solutions, financing, feedback.

Thematic workshops

Implementation of thematic workshops on the Agricultural Village, coordinated by the FRCUMA Nouvelle Aquitaine: a binomial expert + farmer-methanizer will be at the disposal of the visitors to answer their questions and exchange around a particular theme.


wednesday 31 mai :

  • 10h00 - 12h00: Emergence of a methanisation project: what methodology, which criteria of choice: to be a responsible and involved project bearer.

With Hélène BERHAULT-GABORIT, Association Vienne Agri Métha - Chambre d'Agriculture de Vienne / 2 agriculteurs porteurs de projets méthanisation.


  • 12h00 - 14h00Collective projects: organize the logistics around a collective project: transport, spreading.

With Quentin LAURENT, Asseldor (Association des éleveurs de Dordogne) - Chambre d'Agriculture de Dordogne / Gilles TREMOUILLE, agriculteur méthaniseur à la CUMA de Saint Quentin Marcillac (24). 


  • 15h00 - 17h00 : Economic and legal aspects of a methanization project: setting up a business plan, setting up a project company, managing cash.

With Bertrand GUERIN, vice-président de l'AAMF / Etienne PAILLARD, CER France 53-72 (Mayenne-Sarthe) / Fabien BARRABE, CER France 47/ Emmanuel CARLES, porteur du projet collectif Lévignergies (47) / un agriculteur méthaniseur.



Thursday 1 juin :

  • 10h00 - 12h00: Agronomy: managing the agronomic issues around my methanization project: supply, intermediate energy crops, digestate return to the soil.

With Thierry PELOQUIN, Chambre d'Agriculture des Deux-Sèvres / Yves DEBIEN, agriculteur méthaniseur à La Baie des Champs (86).


Programme complet et définitif publié prochainement